Fruit Smash Master

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Category :
Arcade , Puzzle & Logic
Engine :
Construct 3
Play Mode :
Touch , Mouse
Orientation :
Tags :
Arcade , Puzzle & Logic


Fruit Smash Master Online Game invites players to experience the joy of a fruit-smashing frenzy. With its addictive gameplay, various game modes, and stunning graphics, it guarantees hours of entertainment and excitement. Join the Fruit Smash Master community and compete with players from around the world to prove your smashing skills. NapTech Games, the platform that hosts Fruit Smash Master Online Game, is the go-to destination for action, arcade, racing, puzzle, sports, and numerous other popular featured games. Start smashing those fruits today!


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The cost of game development at NapTech Labs is determined based on the specific requirements of each project. The company offers competitive pricing and ensures transparency in its pricing structure, providing clients with cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.
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